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MessageSujet: Sun Won't Rise   Sam 11 Aoû - 17:05

A few months ago I got some equipment together and stayed awake for about 2 days improvising Crust-Punk and Black Metal songs, recording them and tweaking them as a test for efforts which were more serious.

The recording turned out to be much better than expected, because as it happens, it became the first full length recording in a trilogy which... still sort of blows my mind when I hear them and think back to just a few months back. My girlfriend wondered about the possibility that I had ''received'' the music for those albums much in the same way that a medium experiences Automatic-Writing.

Basically, within a total timespan of about 4 days, I had made 3 albums. Improvised.

After juggling around some ideas for names and concepts, I settled finally upon Sun Won't Rise, and united the 3 cd's under that name. And so shal it be... until the Ragnarok (LOLZ)

The first album is called "Songs in the Key of Genocide" and is like a mix between Crust and Depressive Black Metal. It just came out that way, lol, it'S how it wanted to sound I guess;)

The second is called "Ballads to Beckon the End..." and losesd the Crust-Punk feeling completely opting for unrelenting and intense suicidal ideation and winter hymns.

The third (titled "Hang in there Baby!") has only 3 songs (over an hour of music;), but shows the most evolution IMO. I know... "how much evolution could there possibly be in such a short time between discs?" Answer: more than Darwin ever found, that much is certain. This album is THE Sun Won't Rise "postblack" album (at least thus far).

Are they perfect? Not even close.

If they were I wouldn't be as proud of them. And honestly, only the last one can be considered to be anything close to Post-Black, although the predecessdors do have elements of it at times. All in all, they do embody a facet of Post-Black that is rarely seen these days, what with all of the imitation bands, and Shyy going all "Mars Volta" or whatever the fuck they're doing... No, these albums, the trilogy, harness an ugly side, the incarnation of the Soul of City (hehehe), Urbane decadence, dying nature, and extinct humanity.

I've made all 3 albums available for free download, at Mediafire and The Pirate Bay, and it would please me if you all would copy it and bootleg it and give it away, or whatever.

It's Christmas in this bitch! santa santa santa

Encyclopedia Metallum page:

MEDIAFIRE: ?mb6v5k37m0nq8,7r2o34gn1xaay,zm4t7dgadmsig


The Pirate Bay:'t%20rise/0/7/100
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Sun Won't Rise
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