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 The Departure Of A Misanthrope

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Date d'inscription : 16/09/2011
Age : 29
Localisation : Tyre - Lebanon

MessageSujet: The Departure Of A Misanthrope   Dim 18 Sep - 0:22

Title: The Departure Of A Misanthrope
Date: 12-12-2010


Do you remember those moments of dedication? Can you still feel the heat of those former days? Do you and your current life mourn? Well, John wasn't for sure in the mood for such questions, yet his willing entity demanded answers, John has always felt that inability to connect with people in his society, what really bothered him is asking himself over and over: What do people do anyway? Fed up with fatal boredom and isolation, misanthropy found its way to his innocent drowning mind.

Washing his scars under the snow of November, hoping that the next winter would shine on from another window, Amanda suddenly showed up...

Amanda: "Hey John, how are you doing? You're gonna attend the gathering tonight, aren't you?"
John : "Not really, I feel a bit dizzy."
Amanda: "It's our traditional gathering, everybody is gonna be there, it's important you know."
John : "It isn't as important for me as getting some rest..."
[Moments of silence]
John : "Well you do also realize that I hate traditions, don't you?"
Amanda: "Go home then!"
John : "Home? Ah you mean that place where I usually eat and sleep? It's called a house!"
Amanda: "Duh! It's the same!"
John : "For you and the society, yes! For me, my home resides in that far native land."

John was clearly unhappy, yet this 21 years old young man is ready to exhaust both of his body and mind just for the sake of his promised salvation, he leaves the boulevard where he usually watches the travelling ships and the adorable ocean, he arrives to the house where he found his parents eating and unusually, having a conversation.

Mother: "Darling, please have a seat."
John : "I really feel like going to bed."
Father: "Son, you've heard your mom!"
John : "So now you're agreeing with mom, after all these years of abuse, now you remember..."
Mother: "Please don't start, anyway we were talking about the gathering of tonight."
Father: "Amanda has probably told you about it, didn't she?"
John : "Stop talking about it for God sake, I hate it and I hate all those people who attend it"
Mother: "Here we go with drama again, you're 21 and you haven't accepted your life yet!"
John : "I haven't and I won't! I will keeping drowning in the illusions of my promised day"

Deeply inspired by the lifestyle of "Alexander Supertramp", a man who departed to the wilderness and lived his final years homeless in nature and moving from one state to another, John's anger towards the society evolved into hatred, he finally decides to leave the house, his unfaithful friends, his sick society and most of all his long-existing fear and doubt!

With little money but huge hope to survive, he made his way into the country, he really thought that he has finally came across a calm peaceful village. Walking around the houses and staring at the downtown statues, he got himself into a conversation with an old guy, John was invited to a fire party later at night. During the party, John introduced himself to the audience, once he started to realize that the people around him possess that floating spirit on the canvas of their bodies, how they are close in nature to each others, he then struggled to embrace that constant wave of true joy, yet failed due to that tremendous angst in his soul, it seems that he'll never understand himself before understanding any other person. He immediately decided to leave the village. Blocked by the old man...

Old man: "John, where the hell do you think you're going in the middle of a midwinter night?"
John : "I shall roam where my mind tells me, I shall sleep where my thoughts allow me to..."

Beholding at the people of the village, John screamed his last words before he leaves:

"Elements of nature shall embrace my willing hand,
Gloomy autumn, cold winter, oh my bleak sorrow,
The rain, the snow, tears of my deplorable tomorrow,
Thy lonely mountain, my dark caves, where's my native land?"

As the grey rainbow fades away into the setting sun, could it be another dismal winter night? Or a fruitful spring is on the wing of the coming twilight? In the meantime, feelings of extreme guilt and shame were invading the minds of his parents, although they couldn't prevent him from leaving, the only thing they could now do is praying and hoping his eventual return. Did John really find his native land? A question for the society of hatred...


// Stop for a second and think: shall I stop the execution of my spirit?
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Messages : 171
Date d'inscription : 12/09/2011
Age : 21
Localisation : Belgrade, Serbia

MessageSujet: Re: The Departure Of A Misanthrope   Dim 18 Sep - 18:33

I like this story much more than A Grey Rainbow.
It's great!
Your topics really deserve more attention! Smile
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Messages : 17
Date d'inscription : 16/09/2011
Age : 29
Localisation : Tyre - Lebanon

MessageSujet: Re: The Departure Of A Misanthrope   Mar 20 Sep - 1:59

Thanks dude, I'm submitting another...
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MessageSujet: Re: The Departure Of A Misanthrope   

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The Departure Of A Misanthrope
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