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 A Grey Rainbow

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MessageSujet: A Grey Rainbow   Sam 17 Sep - 14:15

Let me start the first thread in this section by posting my first short-story I wrote...

Title: A Grey Rainbow
Date: 20-11-2010


It was another raining December day, embracing the falling dusk, Amanda returned home to meet her father Adam who was abroad for business, Amanda was a gorgeous 20 years old girl, the kind of girl who appreciates almost everything in life except her own existence! After she had suffered from a severe childhood trauma, coming of age and witnessing the death of her mother, she tried to move on by meeting her father who was a very hard working man, yet an alcoholic who lacked a basic knowledge of modern life issues, what distinguished her from most of other girls from her age was the profound void she always felt, moving from a relationship to another kept her busy but echoed by the failure of each adventure, just like she used to call it...

Amanda: "Hello father, there's something you need to know..."
Adam : "I don't have much time right now but go ahead dear..."
Amanda: "I am driven by constant angst emotions..."
Adam : "Angst? You mean like you worry too much?"
Amanda: "No father, it's more than just anxiety."
Adam : "I am sorry dear, is there anything I can do to make you feel better?"
Amanda: "Yes dad, I'd like to see our GP, maybe he can refer me to a skilled shrink..."
Adam : "A shrink? What do you expect from people? You want us to be surounded by shame?"
Amanda: "No dad, I just feel like, you know... Anyway I'll make you some decent dinner."

Self-medicating was always Amanda's sacred path when she was feeling down and isolated from society, besides, a lack of close understanding friends has always triggered her negativity... Lost in a bleak despair, inner voices invaded her, blood started to flow from her flawless hands, as a result of an impulsive cutting! An effective fatal way to cease the psychic pain.

At the ER, her father tried to truly listen to her for once, yet refused the recommendation of Annie; the supervising nurse, of seeking some kind of a professional help! She was instead grounded because of a very famous label called "madness" as Adam claims... Living with her alcoholic father and seeing how demons run in his veins have inspired her... Although her appetite wasn't that promising, her suicidal thought was eating till she fills emptiness, as she has thought that such void is a result of a body deformity and unfortunately, binge eating led her to doom!

Severly poisoned, kept in the ICU, hours later, her father was drowning in the guilt itself, praying on his knees for his only daughter to survive, Amanda's soul was already gone! Her spirit whispered her final words: "Father, I haven't really sinned, I just have my demons, everybody do!"

Adam : "Oh God! Please forgive my fault of being a dismal failure..."

Roaming alone, twisted by his own thoughts, Adam found a note, kept in a secret place of her bedroom, fragment of a poem:

"Dear father why can't you come near me,
As I am feeling empty, come bear with me,
Dear father I've committed a fatal sin,
Don't throw my letter of apology in the bin..."

A few days later, the rain of December suddenly vanished, the rainbow drew itself across the skyline, Adam's body was discovered down the river, melted into mourning ashes... Painting the rainbow grey, the color of the melancholic suicide!


// Some things in life are never meant to happen
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MessageSujet: Re: A Grey Rainbow   Sam 17 Sep - 21:47

Really nice!
I enjoyed it very much. Smile
Could you post more stories please? Embarassed
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Messages : 17
Date d'inscription : 16/09/2011
Age : 29
Localisation : Tyre - Lebanon

MessageSujet: Re: A Grey Rainbow   Sam 17 Sep - 23:54

Thanks, sure I will!
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MessageSujet: Re: A Grey Rainbow   

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A Grey Rainbow
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